conGRADulations banners

conGRADulations banners now available!

The vinyl banner is available in two sizes: 24" x 18" - $15 48" x 36" - $45

The banner will include the graduate's name and school.

Banners include grommets for easy tying to a front porch, tent canopy, etc.

HOW TO ORDER A CLASS OF 2020 conGRADulations banner! Prepay either: * On our SmugMug site (using a credit card or debit card) by clicking on one of the links below: 24" x 18" banner - $15

48" x 36" banner - $45

-- OR -- * With PayPal by clicking on the link below:

Click on the green "BUY" button under the banner image, then click on "Single Photo Download Original," Click "Add to Cart," and then proceed to "View Shopping Cart" and "Begin Checkout" to complete the purchase.

Once you have paid for the sign through either SmugMug or PayPal, send an email to or send a private message to us via the 252Buzz Facebook page with the name of the student and school. There IS NOT a form to fill out, the information needs to be sent to us.

Order by 6 p.m. Sunday, June 7 and your banner will be ready to pick up at our home/office in Greenville beginning June 11. (1704 W. Berkley Road, 3rd house from ECU football stadium). We do not ship.

Just text (252-917-1563) before you arrive and we will bring your banner to your vehicle

We will confirm receipt of payment and info with every order.