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What is 252Buzz?

A hyper-local curated news feed created to harness the power of social media to connect Pitt County residents to each other, and to share what’s great about living in eastern North Carolina’s 252 area code.

You’ll find posts on local restaurant news and features on interesting folks, photo galleries of activities and sporting events, and details of community happenings in The 252. You’ll also be kept up to date with informational posts and videos we share from area sources. You won’t find politics, crime, controversy or, we hope, anything boring.

Who is 252Buzz?

Husband-and-wife team Bill and Jane Hudson are owners, operators and the ONLY employees of 252Buzz.

Bill, who grew up in South Carolina and Tennessee, earned an advertising degree from University of Tennessee, Knoxville. He has lived in Greenville for 20 years and previously worked in marketing and advertising in Greenville at The Daily Reflector and WNCT-TV. He began photography as a hobby and, after taking additional online courses in digital photography and photo editing, he now is the photographer for 252Buzz. You may spot him at sporting events and activities around town wearing his signature bandana. He answers to "Buzz" now!

Jane earned a journalism degree from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She began working as an intern reporter at The Daily Reflector when she was attending Greenville's J.H. Rose High School and continued working for local publications for seven years after college. Following a 10-year stint at the Greensboro News & Record, she returned to Greenville in 2000 and again began working at the local newspaper. She conceived and wrote the popular "Hot Dish" restaurant column and was founding editor of both Her... magazine and Greenville: Life in the East. She usually is behind the scenes at her laptop -- creating content and searching Facebook to find posts to share on the 252Buzz Facebook page.

This is Bill Hudson, AKA Buzz!

He's the only photographer who works for 252Buzz

You may see him around town, at sporting events and activities, wearing his bandana. If he's carrying a camera or two, give him a holler and he'll take your photo.

Why did we create 252Buzz?

Bill and I began our careers in journalism, marketing and advertising because we believe in the power of words and images to connect and motivate people in a community. We earned university degrees that trained us to work for newspapers, and we used our skills in the print industry for years.

We still believe in local journalism. But we don't have to tell you that technology has changed the way people consume information and entertainment. As the traditional news industry continues to struggle to adapt, Bill and I were impacted in many negative ways. We decided it was time to figure out how to use our skills in a new way.

How can you contact 252Buzz?

The easiest way to contact us is to send us a message on our Facebook page, at

Or send a text to Bill at 252-917-1563.

How can you hire 252Buzz?

Check out what we can do for your or your business by clicking here: We continue to add new products and services regularly.