Area middle school athletes honored with all-conference selections





 Pitt County Schools' Athletic Director Ron Butler has released a list of the 2019 Pitt County Middle School Athletic Association's Spring Sports All-Conference selections.


   The list, which was emailed for publication on June 27, includes middle school athletes who excelled in softball, soccer, and baseball.





   A.G. Cox: Jadyn Smith and Haven Roebuck.


   Ayden Middle School: Abby Moore, Madison Lancaster, Cheyenne Forbes, and Alyssa Rouse.


   C.M. Eppes Middle School: Nekwanya Dixon.


   Chicod School: Sky Edwards, Merritt Doughtie, Shelby Makepeace, and Taylor Askew.


   E.B. Aycock Middle School: Shea Jenkins, and Josiah Killinger.


   Farmville Middle School: Gabrielle Lopez, Claire Neely, Hannah Sugg, and Jayden Speight.


  Greene County Middle School: Madison Potter.


   Hope Middle School: Kylah Silver, Aidan HcHugh, and Saylor Whitley.


   P.S. Jones Middle School: Emma Orr, Ava Shae Mizell, Katherine Pollock, and Erin Everett.


  Wellcome Middle School: Kayden Howell.







   A.G. Cox Middle School: Ryan Davis and Lexi Robinson.


   Ayden Middle School: Jacob Bivans, Dawson McAlduff, Bryan Angel, and Jada Smith


   C.M. Eppes Middle School: Krystopher Parker.


   Chicod School: Bella Fischer, Jio Argomaniz, and Austin Harrell.


   E.B. Aycock Middle School: Lauryn Taylor.


   Farmville Middle School: Zaiere Evans.


   G.R.Whitfield School: Alejandro Rivera and Pablo Escamilla.


   Greene County Middle School: Ariel Nunez, Enrique Lopez, Christopher Rivera, and Miguel Lopez.


   Hope Middle School: Henry Conway and Corbin Jefferson.


   P.S. Jones Middle School: Austin Christopher and Taylor Mitchell.


   Wellcome Middle School: Angel Peralta, Malikk Williamson and Abbigail Everette.





   A.G. Cox Middle School: David Horvath, Daylinh Brown, William Bunting, Jackson Bunch, and Mason Hobbs.


   Ayden Middle School: Alex Moye and Austin Jones.


   C.M. Eppes Middle School: Cash Daniels-Moye, Caleb Overby, Trace Simmons, and S’Quan Waters.


   Chicod School: Drake Holliday and Landon Elks.


   E.B. Aycock Middle School: Owen Boyd and Alex Popovich.


   Farmville Middle School: J.T. Garris, Landon Denton, and Avery Johnson


   G.R.Whitfield School: Jaceire Daniels and Jackson Sutton


   Greene County Middle School: Braden Burress.


   Hope Middle School: Connor Edwards, James Elpers, and Landon Smith.


   P.S. Jones Middle School: Hunter Baldree and Austin Cherry.


   Wellcome Middle School: Lonnie Nicholson, LJ Smith, Holden Burroughs, and Demarcus McCray.



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