Area middle school athletes honored with all-conference selections

Pitt County Schools' Athletic Director Ron Butler has released a list of the 2018-2019 Pitt County Middle School Athletic Association's Fall All-Conference selections.

The list, which was emailed Dec. 14, includes middle school athletes who excelled in volleyball, football and cross country,


A.G. Cox Middle School: Miriam Hardy, Avery Braswell, and Mariella Nugen.

Ayden Middle School/Grifton School: Alyssa Rouse and Daisy Quiroz-Meza.

Bethel School: Kaitlyn Dunn.

C.M. Eppes Middle School: Martha Blount, Riley Cutler, and Hailey Davenport.

Chicod School: Leah Carmello and Caleigh Cole.

E.B. Aycock Middle School: Amelia Taft, Forbes Hall, and Shea Jenkins.

Farmville Middle School: Savannah Whaley.

G.R. Whitfield Middle School: Kristin Violette and Taylor Askey.

Greene County Middle School: Mary Carson Head.

Hope Middle School: Anna Bayes and Kylah Silver.

P.S. Jones Middle School: Katherine Pollack.

Wellcome Middle School: Cyonni Boykin.


A.G. Cox Middle School: Brandon Sanders, Braxton Sanders, Xavier Stephenson, Carlos Cox, Noah Hardy, David Horvath, Jah’mari Staton, and Will Taylor.

Ayden Middle School/Grifton School: Alex Moye, Brandon Lancaster, Alex Dykes, Jacob Bivans, and Tramayne Phillips

C.M. Eppes Middle School: JahQuarius Brown, Tyje Carson, Kenderius Geddis, Nijay Lee, Kamos Perry, and S’Quan Waters

Chicod School/G.R. Whitfield Middle School: Nate Roland, Christian Conyers, Taisjhick Nelms, Jhirien McCuller

E.B. Aycock Middle School: Owen Boyd, Vinny Mills, Billy Miller, and Malakai Hill.

Farmville Middle School: Rocknie Jenkins, Christopher Jones, Octavius Mercer, and Brandon Knight.

Greene County Middle School: Jody Robertson, Jamari Copppege, Andre Moore, and Zyon Deberry.

Hope Middle School: Jayden Hunter, Ryan Carter, Quazameke Cratch, and Jamir Wright.

Wellcome Middle School: Rion Rosenborough, L J Smith, Hunter Manning, Milbert Moore Jr., and Jayvion .Cherry

Cross Country

A.G. Cox Middle School: Lane Stocks and Alexis Robinson.

Ayden Middle School/Grifton School: Esteban Escobar and Savannah Ibarra.

C.M. Eppes Middle School: Maisy Woodmansee.

Chicod School: Ebbie Purvis.

E.B. Aycock Middle School: Keller Frailey.

Greene County Middle School: Ariel Nunez, Cesar Larenas, and Stephen Pedraza

Hope Middle School: Karissa Thurnau, Cassidy Jagde, Kristen Ivey, and Landen Williams.