DH Conley girls tennis is 5-0 in conference play

DH Conley has started the 2018 tennis season with a 5-0 conference record. (252Buzz file photo from 2017 season)

By Bill Hudson

Here are select DH Conley girls tennis recaps for the 2018 season as of Sept. 6.

Rocky Mount 5 DH Conley 4 (Aug. 29)

#1) Madison Cullipher (DHC) def Caroline E Broderick (RMHS) 6-0, 6-0 #2) Katherine G Moss (RMHS) def Brooke Sullivan (DHC) 6-2, Ret (heat) #3) Carson E Browder (RMHS) def Mary Beth Cole (DHC) 6-2, 6-0 #4) Mary K Broderick (RMHS) def Breanna Sullivan (DHC) 6-4, 6-1 #5) Caroline G Land (RMHS) def Carey Woodward (DHC) 6-3, 6-3 #6) Polly A Medlin (RMHS) def Meghan Jones (DHC) 6-4, 6-2 DH Conley swept doubles matches #1 doubles manned by Madison Cullipher and Kylie Dunbar won by the score of 8-1 #2 doubles manned by Jenna Lee and Lexi Lenker won by the score of 8-4 #3 doubles manned by Breanna Sullivan and Carey Woodward won by the score of 8-6

DH Conley 9 New Bern 0 (Aug. 30)

#1) Madison Cullipher (DHC) def Opel Moore (NBHS) 6-0, 6-0 #2) Brooke Sullivan (DHC) def Amelia Moore (NBHS) 6-0, 6-1 #3) Mary Beth Cole (DHC) def Cameron Hutchins (NBHS) 6-0, 6-1 #4) Carey Woodward (DHC) def Lillian Moore 6-0, 6-1 #5) Meghan Jones (DHC) def Emma Hutchins (NBHS) 6-4, 6-1 #6) Kylie Dunbar (DHC) def Kassidy Brigg (NBHS) 6-1, 6-0 Doubles scores & results #1 doubles was manned by Lexi Lenker & Jenna Lee and won by the score of 8-3 #2 doubles was manned by Breanna Sullivan & Hayli Modlin and won by the score of 8-4 #3 doubles was manned by Sabrina Kros & Annika Ross and won by the score of 8-0

Wilson Fike 6 DH Conley 3 (Sept. 5)

#1) Madison Cullipher (DHC) def Logan Adtkins (WFHS) 6-1,6-1 #2) Avery Rose Brown (WFHS) def Mary Bet Cole (DHC) 2-6,1-6,10-4 #3) Anna Blair Thomas (WFHS) def Breanna Sullivan (DHC) 6-3,6-2 #4) Carey Woodward (DHC) def Sophia Meszaros (WFHS) 6-4,7-5 #5) Mia Hamblin (WFHS) def Meghan Jones (DHC) 6-1,6-0 #6) Kappa Hill (WFHS) def Kylie Dunbar (DHC) 6-1,6-0 Doubles scores and results #1) Adtkins/Thomas (WFHS) def Cole/Woodward (DHC) 8-0 #2) Cullipher/Dunbar (DHC) def Brown/Meszaros (WFHS) 8-5 #3) Hamblin/Hill (WFHS) def Sullivan/Jones (DHC) 9-7

DH Conley 9 Southern Wayne 0 (Sept. 6)

#1) Madison Cullipher (DHC) def Kasey Vann (SWHS) 6-0.6-0 #2) Brooke Sullivan (DHC) def Kayla Raynor (SWHS) 6-0,6-1 #3) Mary Beth Cole (DHC) def Carla Senatus (SWHS) 6-1,6-1 #4) Carey Woodward (DHC) def Marylee Heath (SWHS) 6-1,6-1 #5) Meghan Jones (DHC) def Brittany Paniagua (SWHS) 6-4,6-2 #6) Kylie Dunbar (DHC) def Morgan Skinner (SWHS) 6-2,6-0 Doubles scores and results are as follows: #1 Annika Ross/Sabrina Kros (DHC) def Vann/Raynor (SWHS) 9-7 #2) Mary McKnight/Maeve English (DHC) def Senatus/Heath (SWHS) 8-5 #3) Catherine Adams/Peyton Whitley (DHC) def Kylee Tyndall/Chelby Strickland (SWHS) 8-3

The Vikings will host crosstown rival JH Rose on Sept. 17, weather permitting.

Match information provided by DH Conley Tennis

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