Pitt County middle school athletes earn spring All-Conference honors

The Pitt County Middle School Athletic Conference has announced its All Conference players for spring sports from each middle school.

Pitt County Schools Athletic Director Ron Butler provided the list on June 14, 2018 via email.


AG Cox Trace Baker

Ayden Middle Kyle Cannon, Austin Jones and Alex Moye

Chicod Aaron Hodges and Kam Spencer

CM Eppes Cash Daniels-Moye and Montez Green

EB Aycock Michael Allen, Chase Anderson, Grayson Myrick and Anthony Popovich

Farmville Middle Will Hobgood

GR Whitfield Damien Bradshaw, Walker Kassnove and Dixon Williams

Greene County Beau Hedgepath

Hope Middle Thomas Barrett, Spencer Bradley and Matthew Matthijs

PS Jones Hayes Pippin


AG Cox Riley Trueblood and Kaci Johnson

Ayden Middle Abby Langemann and Phoebe Starnes

Chicod Merritt Doughtie, Olivia Knight, Carson Fleming and Anna Sawyer

CM Eppes Cadence Dobra and Mikiyah Corey

EB Aycock Shea Jenkins

Farmville Middle Jayden Speight and Leah Neely

Greene County Cori Sutton and Amber Speight

Hope Middle Trinity Nichols, Emma Adams, Nyla Rodgers and Bri Bowers

PS Jones Erin Everett, Ava Mizell and Laci Campbell

Wellcome Middle C’Yonni Boykin


AG Cox Natalie Baldwin, Ryan Davis and Taryn Thompson

Ayden Middle Estaban Escobar

Chicod Britton Fischer, Bella Fischer, Austin Harrell and Griffin Purvis

CM Eppes Manuel Rico-Corona

EB Aycock Luke Metzger

Farmville Middle Julian Argomaniz, Corinne Denham and Santiago Pena

GR Whitfield Mason Carter and Madison Clements

Greene County Jose Morquecho, Ariel Nunez and Laura Rodiguez

Hope Middle Jackson Heubel, Corbin Jefferson and Joel Perez

PS Jones Bryan Martinez and Ridge Zerniak

Wellcome Middle Carlos Beltran, Luis Cantera, Ruben Gonzalez, Frank Hernandez and Eder Torres


4x800 Boys Bowen, Outlaw, Adee, Hill from AG Cox; and Curtis, Hoch, Kros, Mitchell from Hope Middle

100 Boys Venser Whitehurst, Wellcome Middle

100 Girls Niya Pelham, EB Aycock

4x200 Boys Venser Whitehurst, M. Moore, Real-Ceja from Wellcome Middle

4x200 Girls Gilbert, Mitchell, N. Williams, Huskins from AG Cox

Mile Boys Xzaveyon Williams, Ayden

Mile Girls Ava Hoch, Hope Middle

4x100 Boys Whitehurst, MJ Moore, Real-Ceja, Jones from Wellcome Middle

4x100 Girls Gilbert, Artis, Mitchell, Jackson from AG Cox

400m Boys Isaiah Crumpler, Hope Middle

400m Girls Niya Pelham, EB Aycock

800m Boys Hayden Humphreys, EB Aycock

800m Girls Eve Curtis, Hope Middle

200 Boys Raheem Jones, Wellcome Middle

200 Girls Niya Pelham, EB Aycock

4x400 Boys Obeid, Hester, Axson, McCarter from Hope Middle

4x400 Girls Green, Perkins, Biggs, C. Jones from CM Eppes

Shot Put Boys Brian Hardy, AG Cox

Shot Put Girls Ashlyn Dyer, CM Eppes

Long Jump Boys Justin Foreman, Hope Middle

Long Jump Girls Caroline Dobson, Hope Middle