Photo collages

All photos taken for 252Buzz are for sale at And now you can have custom-designed collages from those photos!

Collages can include from 2 to 20 photographs of your choice that are in the 252Buzz galleries. And the collages can be created in a variety of sizes, from 5x7-inches, 8x10-inches or 10x8-inches all the way up to the standard poster size of 24x36-inches.

Here's what to do:

Go to the 252Buzz SmugMug site to look through the photos and choose the ones you want to include in your collage. Download each photo you have selected by pressing the "Download" button to add it to your cart . The cost is $10 for each download, which gives you a high-resolution jpeg for your use.

Send an email to with the file names of the photos you want included in the collage and the size you would like for the finished collage.

Once the collage is complete, an email will be sent back to you with a link to the collage, so you may purchase the download and prints.