Phillip Benz, Buzzworthy wedding and commercial filmmaker

Name : Phillip Benz

Job Title: Wedding and commercial filmmaker

Age: 25

Hometown: Rocky Mount

Town where I currently live: Rocky Mount

Education: Nash Central High School (it's in the 252!); East Carolina University, BFA in Cinematic Arts & Media Production

Hobbies: I have been an avid skateboarder since I was 13 years old and still do it to this day. Skateboarding is actually how I was introduced to filmmaking.

Family: I’m married to my AMAZING wife/best friend, Amanda. We have a 2½ year old boy named Landon, and we have a Shih-Tzu named Matches who is Landon’s best friend.

Are you involved with something new that you would like the readers to know about:

I’m working on my usual wedding and commercial projects but something new that I’m extremely excited about are my weekly tutorial videos. I started this project to help fellow filmmakers, or people just starting out, avoid the mistakes that I have already made in the past. The content involves tips, techniques, advice, and is really geared toward the wedding filmmaker. The Youtube channel these videos are uploaded to is .

How can the public find out more about you or your business: The easiest way to stay up to date on my most recent projects is through my Facebook page, subscribing on Youtube, and/or my Instagram page.

Favorite places in the 252 for a bite to eat, date night or a drink with a friend: Whenever I’m in Greenville I always try and stop by Sup Dogs for a bite to eat. My all time favorite thing to get is the Jalapeno Popper Tots, but with fries instead of tots; my wife and I nicknamed it the heart attack!

In Rocky Mount, we have an amazing craft brewing scene, so we try to go to Koi Pond Brewing Co. for a good time whenever we can. Westridge Bar and Grill of Rocky Mount is another hangout spot for us.

2 things that inspire me:

* Starting with an idea in your head, shooting it through a lens, and watching the finished product come to life.

* Other filmmakers' work. Every now and then your creativity will begin to fall off or come to a screeching halt. That’s when I like to step back from my work, watch what other people are doing, and then replicate and grow what they were doing into something different or better.

5 things on my bucket list:

1. Travel the world creating wedding and commercial films people can be proud of.

2. Retire young with my wife.

3. Give my son the world, but instill in him the work ethic that my dad gave to me.

4. Begin teaching workshops or speaking at seminars

5. Show others how fulfilling it is to work for yourself.

2 reasons I like living in the 252:

The people. All of my friends who’ve helped raise me and become who I am today are my main reasons for sticking around the 252 area. This place has given me a lot so I want to give something back.

The food. I have been all over the United States and no one has better BBQ than the 252, plain and simple.

A recent project: