Michael Bonner, Buzzworthy teacher

Name : Michael Bonner

Job Title: Second-grade teacher at South Greenville Elementary School

Age: 26

Hometown: Perquimans, NC

Town where I currently live: Greenville

Education: High school degree from Perquimans County High school and bachelor's from Elizabeth City State University

Awards/accolades: 2016-2017 South Greenville Elementary Teacher of the Year

Hobbies: I love going to the beach and laughing with my kids!

Family: I absolutely love my family! My mother and father have been married for 33 years! I have 4 siblings who always support me in everything I do. Their names are Andrae, Vonda, Candace, and Khaliah. My family is my heartbeat!

Are you involved with something new that you would like the readers to know about: Over the past couple of months I have been visiting different schools, looking to improve my pedagogy within my classroom. On May 19, I visited the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta. While I was there, I was able to be trained by (East Carolina University graduate) Ron Clark and Kim Bearden on different techniques to create a rigorous, engaging learning environment!

The staff at South Greenville Elementary and I have been researching evidence-based strategies and unique investments so we can utilize the funds that people have generously donated to the Go Fund Me account. We plan on creating a new culture where proficiency can happen!

I also have been receiving invitations to speak at universities, school districts, and other events. I am beyond grateful for this opportunity to bring more awareness to the importance of education in our country!

How can the public find out more about you or your organization: People can check out what is going on with me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. My social media handle is michaelbonner_

People can also check out updates of my students at

Favorite local place for a bite to eat, a drink, or a cup of coffee with a friend: I love going to Christy’s Euro Pub in Greenvile on Fridays with my co-workers. I absolutely LOVE their brunch menu!

2 things that inspire me:

I do not have two specific things that inspire me, but my parents are the two individuals that motivate me the most. They clawed themselves out of poverty in order to create a better life for me and my siblings. Because of their sacrifice, I was able to transition through some key moments in my life. If it wasn’t for their love and dedication, me going to "The Ellen Degeneres Show" would have never happened!

5 things on my bucket list:

1. To take a class field trip to Dubai. 2. To pay off my parent's mortgage. 3. To leave a $100 tip at a dinner. 4. To see every kid from my 2nd grade classroom that went to "The Ellen Show" go to college. 5. To fly my family to Jamaica for a week vacation.

2 reasons I like living in the 252:

* There is a peace and serenity with living in certain rural areas of the 252. My parents stay on 4 acres. So when I need to get away, I go to their property and meditate to relax myself.

* The importance of maintaining a family bond is strong in the South. I can appreciate that ideology!