Ely Khoury, Buzzworthy entrepreneur

Name : Ely Khoury

Job Title: CEO & Founder of Our Human Family, LLC

Age: 26

Hometown: Greenville

Town where I currently live: Charlotte

Education: J.H. Rose High School, East Carolina University (Business Management), Shanghai Normal University (Mandarin Studies)

Hobbies: Tennis, working out, learning about other entrepreneurs

Family: Bryn and Gabby (sisters), Jarma (mother), and Tony (father). They are my world. Oh, and of course my incredible and supportive girlfriend, Ginny J

Are you involved with something new that you would like the readers to know about: On 3/2/17, I launched my company, Our Human Family. It’s an online platform where anyone who wants to immerse in another culture, learn a new language, or even get some internship experience, can go. Oh, and our model is based around smaller global cities, not the ones that speak English like we do, and come with the big city price tag! That’s how you learn faster for less money.

How can the public find out more about you or your organization: All social media icons are at the bottom of the page. Explore and reach out if there are questions in the “Contact Us” section in the footer or at

Favorite local place for a bite to eat, a drink, or a cup of coffee with a friend: New spot: The Market @ Coastal Fog!!! I lived out in LA for a few years and the scene there is trendy and reminiscent of the west coast. Well done, downtown Greenville! (Get the cheese biscuit for breakfast. Just do it.)

What do you miss about living in the 252?: The people. It’s a slower culture but that brings about a different demeanor than a larger city. I love my home town

2 things that inspire me:

1) People. All over the world. I have faith in People.

2) My parents. If I can do ¼ of the job raising my kids that they did with me, I know they will live happy and successful lives.

5 things on my bucket list:

Create a Fortune 500 company,

See 100 different countries in my lifetime

Develop a philanthropic arm of my business

See the difference I make on people’s lives through their statements and actions

Learn five languages.

2 reasons I liked living in the 252:

Tailgating for football games and once again, the people. They are amazing.