Tonya Lynch, Buzzworthy Creator of The Black Light Project



Name : Tonya Jefferson Lynch


Job Title: Creator of The Black Light Project


Age: 37


Hometown: Farmville


Town where I currently live: Greenville


Education: Masters of Arts in English


Hobbies: Decorating and painting


Family: Husband Demetrius and eight kids (here goes!), Maci, 17; Jonathan, 16; Demetrius II, 14; Jacob, 13; Azaria, 12; Aaron, 7; Tyler, 3; and Jefferson Grey, 2


Are you involved with something new that you would like the readers to know about: Yes! I have just launched a social/ cultural/art project called The Black Light Project. It is a beautiful photography and documentary project which talks about the negative media narratives surrounding Black males. The goal of the project is to challenge these narratives and begin the important conversations about how to have accurate perceptions of the people around us.


How can the public find out more about you or your organization:,

IG: @blacklightproject


Favorite local place for a bite to eat, a drink, or a cup of coffee with a friend: Villa Verde!



2 things that inspire me:

My family

My pastor

5 things on my bucket list:

Build a school
Interview President Obama
Trace my genealogy and visit the land of my ancestors 
Take all of my children and grandchildren on a trip around the world to see its wonders.
Have a huge celebration of my husband, my family and friends.


2 reasons I like living in the 252:

It is home!
It has so much potential 






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