Three great staycation ideas

It's Friday afternoon and you don't have any weekend plans. Don't panic! Here are some ideas for fun staycations that don't take any advance planning, and they're perfect for a family or a group of friends.

Who says staying at home can't be fun!

1. Progressive feast: Dress up and eat your way around Greenville. Have cocktails at one restaurant, appetizers at another, soup at yet another, followed by salad at one restaurant, an entree at another, dessert at another restaurant and coffee at yet another. Make a photo diary of your entire meal and share it on Instagram, making sure to tag the restaurants where you eat. (For instance: a drink at the bar at Villedge at the Hilton-Greenville; appetizer at Crave downtown; soup at Thai 360; salad at Nino's Cucina Italiana; entree at Cafe Duo; dessert at Dickinson Avenue Public House; and coffee at Middle Grounds Coffee House.)

2. Game day: Pull out all of those board games collecting dust and start playing -- Monopoly takes a really long time! Learn a new card game. Play Candyland, Scrabble, Twister ... whatever you've got on hand. Have sandwiches for every meal (the sandwich was invented so the Earl of Sandwich wouldn't have to stop playing a card game while he was having dinner.) End the day by putting a jigsaw puzzle together as a group.

3. Backyard camping: Pull out your tent and set it up in the backyard -- or string up a tarp between two trees. Decorate your campsite with potted plants and strings of outdoor lights. Inflate air mattresses and pile on pillows. Grill steaks or burgers, drink Champagne and finish with S'mores. Look for shooting stars. Make up campfire song lyrics and tell ghost stories.