252Buzzworthy - Caroline Dare - Singer/Songwriter

(Photo by Artiisan Photography)

I am a 15-year-old singer/songwriter from Greenville. I got a guitar for my 11th birthday and I haven't put it down yet!

I started writing songs within a few months and one of my originals was noticed by the Nashville Songwriter Association International (NSAI) and I was put on their "One To Watch" list!

Then I auditioned for Tom Jackson, a well-known live music producer who works with artists on their stage performance. I was chosen as one of his emerging young artists in a 3-year development deal. In this program I have a team of incredible coaches and mentors and we meet in Nashville once a month or they come here to Eastern North Carolina to work with me and my band on stage performance along with many other things!

My goal is to be a Nashville songwriter and hopefully be able to have a career in the music industry!

I just finished 9th grade at J.H. Rose High School. Next year, I am going to start online homeschool so I can devote more time to my music and spend more time in Nashville!

This year I started doing a LIVE broadcast every Friday night on my Facebook band page with my best friend Shay! We've done over 30 shows so far which feature me singing songs and lots of comedy! I also have a Youtube channel where I post my original songs and covers!

One thing I've learned from doing this is how much I love video editing!!

2 things that inspire me:

1. I love getting motivated by other people doing great things. It reminds me that I need to put in hard work in order to achieve my goals!!

2. Real life situations inspire me to write songs. I take experiences that other people have been through and turn them into my own lyrics. When I'm dealing with my own situations throughout life, writing is very motivating for me, and therapeutic, as well.

5 of my favorite songs:

1. "Robbers" by The 1975!! It's such a powerful & unique song!!

2. "Screen" by twenty one pilots. This one is so catchy & the lyrics are deep & amazing!! It's very simple/subtle.

3. "Let It Go" by James Bay. This is probably my favorite song to perform at the moment. The guitar parts are super fun to play!!

4. "Never Let Me Go" by Florence + the Machine. This is such a beautiful song & has deep meaning to it. I love her voice!! Very emotional.

5. "New Perspective" by Panic! at the Disco. This one has a really good vibe to it!! It makes me feel happy

2 things I like living in Greenville:

1. The people here are so welcoming and sweet!! They are very supportive, which is a lovely thing since I am a striving local musician trying to make my dreams come true.

2. The food is absolutely delicious here!! Local southern restaurants are amazing!! My current favorite is Moore's BBQ!