Hidden gem ... Acre Station's jellies, preserves and pickles

Most folks in eastern North Carolina know that Acre Station is a traditional butcher chop and a great the place to find meats of all kinds: steaks, pork chops, fresh sausages, oysters, turkey wings and pork skins to frozen quail and cooked chitterling loaf.

But it's also a grocery store and a deli.

They also carry some products made specifically for them. And boy, are they yummy!

When Bill and I stopped by in early May, we didn't purchase any meat. We bought: Fig Preserves Muscadine (Grape) Jelly Pear Preserves Moonshine Jelly Chow Chow Pickled Okra

One rainy day, we set out a lunch on our desk with crackers, cheese and our haul from Acre Station. It was a taste of the 252 that would be perfect with a glass of wine.

And the products would make a lovely gift basket.

Acre Station Meat Farm

17076 N.C. 32 North

Pantego, NC 252-927-3489