252Buzzworthy - Morgan Elizabeth Taylor Author

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Morgan Elizabeth Taylor is a 7-year-old second grader at Eastern Elementary School in Greenville. She co-wrote "Daddy’s Little Princess" with her dad G.Todd Taylor because she wanted other little girls to believe that they can be princesses regardless of race.

Morgan is an avid reader and loves all things artsy. She loves to design outfits for her dolls, draw pictures and paint. She also loves to dance and sing.

Morgan isn’t sure what she wants to be yet when she grows up, but she knows she wants to do a lot and help other people.

She lives in Greenville with her mom, dad and little bother Garrett McConner. Her mom is a Headstart graduate.Visit her Facebook page,

2 things that inspire me:

1. Singing makes me feel like I can write a song and drawing inspires me to be creative.

2. I’m also inspired by helping females, not just little kids, but teenagers and adults too.

5 things I’d like to do before I turn 50:

"Whoa, 50 is a long way away. I’m only 7."

1. Make more books

2. Learn to drive a car

3. Earn a college degree, get married and adopt or have a baby. I know it seems like more than one thing, but in my mind they all go together.

4. Travel around the world with my family

5. Make history

2 reasons I like living in

eastern North Carolina:

1. Most of my family is close by. I have family in Greenville, Bertie, Elizabeth City, but everyone is close enough to visit.

2. I’m close to the beach.

"Daddy's Little Princess" is available for $9.99

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