252Buzzworthy - Anna Vaughn Creech Artist/owner of Aviation Studio

Anna Vaughn is a North Carolina native who grew up in Tarboro. The artist and designer spent two years living on Australia's east coast, where she received a BA in English, before returning home to pursue a BFA in Art at Greenville's East Carolina University, during which she won national awards for her design work

After graduating, she worked as a founding member to start a new charter school in Edgecombe county before moving to Raleigh to work as the lead graphic designer for Paperbuzz. She then founded Aviation Studio, her growing original art venture.

Her current painting series is known for a bright palette and bold brushwork as it explores the colors, subject matter and weathered nature of the ocean and the human relationship to the sea.

More about the art and the artist can be found at

2 things that inspire me:

1. Open spaces, especially near the coast. It's liberating to have so much room to breathe. Driving with the windows down will suffice in the meantime!

2. International travel and cultures different from my own. We have a lot to learn from each other. I'm all for having my eyes and mind open to new scenery, scents, people and places. I've trekked to China and to Guatemala and have very distinct, clear memories of the food — spices and preparation so different from our typical ways of cooking. Australian culture is very laid back and super friendly. There is a richness and growth when cultures overlap and I find that pretty inspiring in and of itself.

5 things I'd like people to know:

1. Without a doubt, I am a right-brain person. I've explored dance, performed as a singer-songwriter; I work in art; and I'm trying to learn French fluently. Needless to say, math and chemistry were not my strongest suits in school! In the future, I'd love to get into filmmaking and/or write a book and hopefully start a philanthropy initiative. Creating things and sharing them just seems to be part of my place in this world.

2. I'm fascinated by nutrition science and love to read books and watch documentaries about how food can both prevent and treat illnesses. I believe it is the future of medicine. (Tiramisu is still my favorite dessert!)

3. It would be a dream to live on a sailboat for a season — a few small possessions, rocked to sleep every night by the waves, fishing for dinner, even surviving tropical storms — to wake up every day in a new place and to feel alive. "Adventure" is one of my favorite words.

4. I have a beautiful relationship with the Lord and a faith heavily painted with grace.

5. I firmly believe in being empowered by writing your own rules: we get one life to live and we shouldn't be discouraged from forging our signature paths. This is not to be done without kindness or compassion, and we all struggle with self-doubt, but you just have to be your own cheerleader.

2 reasons I love eastern North Carolina:

1. The people! I'm from a historic small town that is perfectly southern, full of hospitality and enthusiastically supports one another. You'd be hard pressed to find a more close-knit community to lean on or celebrate with. I have deep roots here, both in family and in friendships, so despite being pulled toward wanderlust, eastern North Carolina will always be home to me.

2. Eastern North Carolina is situated at a remarkable place on the globe: we have fertile farmland, access to beaches and mountains, true summers and winters — a little bit of everything that makes up its own kind of paradise.